Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Week of Computer Clubs

After our Saturday all-day class for the Genealogy group, we had one seminar scheduled on Sunday afternoon for the Central Florida Computer Group.  Some of them had also attended the day before so we decided not to do Picasa, Blogger or Photo Story.  Instead, we presented our overview seminar we call Geeks on Tour: Technology for Travelers.  We start out showing a little of our blog, which shows our lifestyle, then we show a video on how to make a blog.  We explain how we use our smartphones as a WiFi hotspot to do all our web-based work wherever we are.  We go on to explain about the different devices we use to plan our travels and navigate on the road.  Then we throw in just a smidgen of our thousands of pictures all managed with Picasa, and end with our Facebook page and more tutorials. 
We use technology to Plan, Preserve, and Share our travels – and that is what we teach - using the Tutorial Videos on our website.  This seminar gets the most comments from the travelers in the crowd.  It’s fun.
When we were done there, we drove back to the Elks Lodge where the RV was, packed up and hit the road.  I figured that we’d sleep in a rest area or truck stop for the night, but Jim was feeling good enough to drive all the way back to Fort Lauderdale and we pulled in and parked well after dark – that’s not easy in a park as tight and full as this one is, but it was nice to be in place come morning.  So we had the whole day to rest up and prepare for another computer club on Monday night.  From 7-9pm we presented our Smartphone seminar to the Valencia Falls Computer User Group in Delray. 
The next day it was a 1pm gig at Palm Isles in Boynton Beach teaching Facebook.  Wednesday we taught Safe Computing at the Boca Raton Computer Society, and Thursday was Smartphones at Valencia Lakes.
Parked at Elks Lodge in Winter Park

Teaching Facebook to the Computer Club at Palm Isles

Teaching Safe Computing to the Boca Raton Computer Society
You might wonder how we got all these gigs and why we’re doing them.  We got on the speaker’s bureau for the APCUG – Association of Personal Computer User Groups.  They don’t pay us anything, but sometimes a few people in the audience will buy our DVD and/or membership.  We’re doing if for marketing.  Has it been worth it?  The jury’s still out – but that’s how marketing goes right?  You may not reap the benefits till a ways down the line.  Meanwhile, it’s sure keeping our skills sharpened! 

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