Sunday, February 03, 2013

Cold in Florida?

We are in Orlando, Florida at the Thousand Trails park here.  Some people will tell you that you have to be at least to Frostproof, Florida before you are out of danger of freezing temperatures. In the map below our location is the upper pushpin and Frostproof is the lower.  So that could explain why I woke up to frost the other morning.  On the other hand, I’ll bet they did in Frostproof too! 

If you look up Frostproof in Wikipedia, you’ll find:

The name was a marketing ploy to convince potential landowners that the town has never had, and never would have, a frost that could destroy the large citrus-driven economy. However, only a couple of years later, a frost killed most of the citrus in Frostproof.

Map picture

We got here on Monday night and had a seminar to present in Zephyrhills, about an hour away, on Tuesday.  Then Jim left me here and drove back to Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday because he was told his Dad wasn’t going to live another 24 hours.  They were right, he’s glad he went.  He’ll write another post about his Dad soon.

Before he left, he showed me how to put the awnings up in case I needed to do that while he was gone.  Yes, I have done this before, but he normally does it, so I forget the procedure from one time to the next.  So I took video with my cell phone while he went thru the steps. It came out good.  I’m going to use this!  You can see the videos here.

Jim returned after helping his sister handle all the immediate affairs.  Then we will be back in Fort Lauderdale next week for services.  His Dad was a real class act. I’m sad to see him pass, but I know he’s been ready to join his beloved wife Frankie.  Rest in Peace Capt. Jim!

Although it’s been cold at night, the days have been sunny and delightful.  We have lots of good friends who are also here.  We got to reconnect with Kim and Robert Jandle who were parked just down the street from us.  Phil and Tracey May were also here, as well as Nick and Terry Russell.  If you think RVing is a lonely lifestyle, we would beg to differ.  And, we had a beautiful, secluded site perfect for visiting.


Tumbleweed Dee said...

So sorry about Jim losing his father. We'll remember the family in our prayers.

We are in Avon Park, so far it hasn't been too cold. The days are in high 60's going back to 80's this week. It can't get any better.

Ron and Thelma said...

Sorry to hear of the passing of Jims dad. Prayers and peace to the family