Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dentists, Leprechauns, and Butterflies

We love life on the road, but we also love having a place we call home with so many connections, friends, and familiar places. 
On the way to Fort Lauderdale from Peace River, we used Jim’s new Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, with MS Streets and Trips installed, to navigate.  We've been looking forward to this.  Our first few years on the road Streets and Trips was our sole mapping/navigating system.  Then came the Garmin, Rand McNally, Google Navigation on the smartphone, and others.  We continue to do the planning on Streets and Trips, and now with the Windows 8 tablet, we want to get back to Navigating with it too ..
Microsoft Windows 8 Surface Pro running Streets and Trips

We only had a week here in Fort Lauderdale, but it was full.  Jim and I both took care of some Doctor and Dentist visits.  I had appointments with both Mom’s accountant, and ours – and I got all the tax returns done and filed!
I visited Mom and took her to one of our favorite nearby attractions, Butterfly World.  What great photo opps there are there!

She enjoyed it, but she tired quickly.  She had a cold. Such a weird thing about her Alzheimers - she doesn't even know what a cold is, she denies being sick.   She just says she needs kleenex for her drippy nose.
We also got together with friends several different times, the most colorful was for St. Patrick's Day - Mary Helen always puts together a great group of people and wonderful food - so when she invited us to her Irish dinner, we jumped at the opportunity.  Her friend, Jim, has a DeLorean car.  He said, since it was made in Ireland, he was obligated to drive it on St. Patrick's Day.  It made quite a hit.

As did the Corned Beef and Cabbage traditional Irish dinner.

It was sad to be at our home RV park (Paradise Island) without Odie.  He's been with us since the beginning.  To some, we're simply known as Odie's parents ... and we had to break the news to them.  Sometimes I feel awful for having made the decision to put him down.  Other times I know it was the best thing to do ... best isn't always easy. Still other times, I am motivated by new beginnings.  Jim and I have gone for a 2 mile walk almost every morning for the last week.  Jim tore up the horribly stained carpet in our living room area and found the linoleum was under 80% of it!  I bought a little throw rug to cover the rest, and it's like we have a new RV!  We used to talk about some of the things we would do when we didn't have a dog to take care of ... now, what were they?
We just had to get rid of the horribly stained carpet regardless of what was underneath.  What we found was just great.

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Teri and Mark said...

Beautiful hummer. Don't believe I've seen that type before.
Your mom looks like she had a good time.
Enjoy the spring weather.