Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The world lost a great teacher yesterday. His name was Odie. Odie was a miniature Poodle, small in stature, but a giant in wisdom, philosophy and love.

I was his student for over twelve years.

Many of his lessons were about  Staying in the Moment. If you lose your hold on the moment, take a nap.

How things are communicated can be more important than what is said. For instance, never bite when a growl will suffice. Listen more, bark less. Wag your tail often.

Greet your friends joyfully.

Practice obedience when it is in your best interest. Occasionally break the rules.
Time for a long nap, my friend. We'll miss you.
Many thanks.
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Tom Foster said...

Hi, Jim and Chris,
I know Odie was a great friend. I remember when we were first introduced. I think you were still living in a stationary house (one without wheels). -TF

John and Carol said...

So sorry to hear your dear dog, Odie, died. Our pets are part of our family and we miss them so whe they die, don't we?

LdB said...

Bless you for rescuE'ing him and giving him a great life. Hope you will find comfort in.precious memories. Oldie will always be watching. Over you ... You just won't see him. Take care,