Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Smartphone Class Pre-Rally

We arrived at Paradise Oaks RV park last Friday and spent Saturday preparing for our 2 day pre-rally Smartphone class.  Here's Jim in production mode for the class materials.

We were pleased with how it went - 14 people.  60% had iPhones, 40% Android.  And most brought tablets as well.  That was a bit surprising as we've had other groups that were overwhelmingly Android.  I think everyone learned a lot - our hope is that they now understand their phones enough to continue learning because it is a never ending process.  We also believe that the best way to learn is to teach, so we had several exercises where people paired up to work thru an assignment.  We always learn something new too! My favorite tidbit this time was about Evernote Hello, and how it can scan business cards and read the names and phone numbers for searching.  I've used many other systems for keeping and categorizing business cards and nothing has ever stuck.  This looks awesome.  And it's free.

Unfortunately, Jim and I have both been fighting colds and are not at 100%.  The main TechnoGeek Learning Rally starts this afternoon and we slept in late.

It's a beautiful, but cold day here in Bushnell.  That's our RV in the foreground, and Phil May's parked just 2 sites down.  Tracey isn't with him this time as she had to fly back to England to handle some medical issues.  We miss her terribly!  I'm afraid some people may have come just on the reputation of Tracey's famous cooking.  This time, we hired a local caterer to fill in.

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