Saturday, June 01, 2013

Rocky Mountain National Park

Some of the most spectacular sights in the world are at Rocky Mountain National Park.  We had to visit, even though we just had a couple of days.  Being a Floridian, we thought that May 30 would be a fine time to visit mountains.  Welllll … many roads are still closed due to snow, it’s COLD and WINDY, and we even had to walk in the snow.  But, we did see some awesome sights:

Here’s the view right from our campsite:



We drove as far as we could up the Trail Ridge road.  Right before the road closure in an overlook.  W O W

Make sure to click on this picture to see it bigger (then, to come back click the x in the upper right of the picture).  It’s actually 6 pictures stitched together using Windows Photo Gallery.  I wrote an article about how to do this, if you want to know more click here.

The next day, we took the park shuttle up to Bear Lake.  We felt like quite the adventurers there!  It may have been only a half mile walk, but in the cold and snow we felt like we had a wilderness experience!



I think this little guy was laughing at us!  Saying, “You folks are from Florida … I can tell!”


I mean, “really?!”


After the shuttle took us back down the mountain, we drove to another part of the park where there was a short easy trail by the name of Copeland Falls Trail – sounds good.

Lots of Aspen at these lower elevations, just sprouting their new, spring attire.

No snow, still cold:




After that delightful hike, we found a scenic route back to the RV.  We drove thru a canyon on St. Vrain Drive east to the town of Lyons.


That was it for our visit to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Our friends Howard and Linda, of did a much better job just the week before us.  The Trail Ridge Road was open when they were there, and they saw lots more wildlife than our little chipmunk!  Check out their blog for some real hiking pictures!  Gem Lake Hike  and The Loch Hike.  Hey!  With friends that take pictures like that we can feel like we’ve already been there done that!  Thanks Howard and Linda!

On our way out the next day, we ended up on another canyon road (hwy 34 to Loveland) and I made Jim pull over so I could get a picture of ‘Big-Boy’ our RV, on the road.


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

So when John Denver sang about a Rocky Mountain High, he didn't mean it was about the temperature?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I've always wanted to see the Rocky Mountains. Looks like you had a great adventure.

Greg Samuel

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful part of our country. I miss seeing Odie in your pictures. I'm sure you miss him everyday.

Kevin said...

Great pictures, Rocky Mountains looks awesome.. Nice adventure there..