Thursday, May 30, 2013

We didn’t want to leave Clear Creek

Our backyard view!
This is our perfect park!  Small, picturesque, lots of good walking – either upstream on the path for a good hike, or downstream on the path for a short walk to downtown Golden and lots of good restaurants, breweries, and attractions. Look at this view from our kitchen window!  That river just kept running and running … it never got tired.
View from our kitchen window
Good Wi-Fi, excellent 4G, good over-the-air TV, clean laundry and bathhouses right at the park.  Good friends nearby.  Yoga classes.  And, within an hour of some of the greatest scenery in the world.  Lots of young people around having fun in the outdoors – very inspiring.  Check out this little video we made while sitting outside on Memorial Day.  By the way, I used the iPad for this.  Using the front and the rear facing cameras for the video and the stills, then I edited it all together with iMovie and uploaded it to youtube.  All while sitting there watching people go by!

But, alas!  It was time to move on.  Actually, a little past time.  We still want to visit Rocky Mountain National Park then we have to be in Sturgis, SD for the Fulltimers Rally by this coming Sunday.
So…. Bye Bye Clear Creek.  We will return!

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Unknown said...

That spot looks perfect for people watching. How fun!