Monday, July 08, 2013

Harvest Hosts and Cold Springs Winery

We met the folks from Harvest Hosts a couple years ago, and thought they had a great concept.  They contact wineries, farms and other unique locations that are ready, willing, and able to host RVs parking on their property.  Then they promote these places to RVers and ask that they become members of Harvest Hosts in order to find out about all the great places to stop.  It’s a small yearly fee, currently $40.  The RVers get a cool place to stay for a night at no charge, and the Host gets some exposure to their facility and/or product.  As lovers of wine, we felt this would be a perfect thing for us, but we just now got around to signing up for a membership.  We spoke with Don and Kim, from Harvest Hosts at the Escapade and told them our upcoming route.  We looked at the options and figured that Cold Springs Winery, in Idaho might just work out as a perfect night stop.

When we got close, we started looking around.  I said, “I’ll bet that’s it up on the hill.”  It looked like a little piece of Italy with the tall poplar trees.  The description said there would be about a mile of dirt road, but it was well-marked and wide.  Not a problem at all.


As we got closer, we passed by lots of vineyards – covering the hill.  When we got up the hill, the first building was the tasting room.  We found Bill, the owner and he directed us where to park then said to come back to the tasting room to … taste!


Here’s our parking spot!


And, here’s the view of the valley below.


We had a delightful time with Bill chatting, and tasting his wine. 


Here’s the thing about wine … we had an even better time as the afternoon went on!  It was quite hot – around 100 – but we didn’t care!  After our tasting, we had to run the generator in the RV so we could have air conditioning.  There are no hookups here.  The heat was even too much for our A/C and we basically just napped the rest of the afternoon.  It did cool down into the 60s come dark, so sleeping was fine.


I’d say our first stop with Harvest Host was a roaring success!  We knew we would enjoy staying at a winery, we figured it would be picturesque, we knew we would enjoy a tasting and probably buy a bottle of wine to keep.  But, we didn’t count on liking every wine we tasted so much that we had to buy a whole case!


Kim & Don Greene said...

Hi Jim & Chris,

We are delighted to hear that you enjoyed your visit to Cold Springs Winery!

It's too bad the day was so warm, but it certainly looks like you made the most of it and your overnight spot is beautiful.

We know that there are many more fun Host visits in your future and we hope that we can meet up again somewhere and share some more good times!

Kevin said...

Never been to a Winery before. But I certainly looking forward to it.

Nan Talley said...

When we visited Doffo Winery in Temecula, CA, there was not one wine that we did not like! AND they had their own olive oil and Chemichurri! They, though, were not a Harvest Host member. That would have been just too much!

Jimbo said...

I also stayed at Cold Springs Winery with my friends on our way up to Canada. What a great find!

We also stayed at several other wineries on our trip which you can see at:

Don and Kim are really great people and have a fantastic concept as you mentioned.