Monday, July 15, 2013

Memorial, Celebration for John

Is it a sad, depressing occasion to mark the passing of someone who died too soon?  Or, can you celebrate a life well-lived?


John Wrightson was 64 years old.  That’s young in today’s world, yet he lived a full, fun, and adventurous life. They found tumors in his brain in February of this year, and he succumbed in June. 

A San Diego surfer dude, guitar-player, craftsman, building contractor, husband, father, and all-around great guy – John was loved by many people, but no one more so than his wife, Lynne. I thought her words on the party invitation were so perfect:


See our photo album of John here.

And the party was perfect too.  A gorgeous day on the Oregon coast and lots of good people who loved and cared for John, and will continue to love and care for Lynne.

More pictures of John’s party at Happy Camp.

Lynne and John were the first full-time RVers we met in our new lifestyle, back in 2003.  We met up with them many times all across the country – Fort Lauderdale, FL; Austin, TX; Quartzsite, AZ; Redmond, OR; Gravity, IA; Celina, OH and many more I’m sure I’ve forgotten.  It’s a different, and wonderful, lifestyle.  We know how close you have to be to live this way.  We’re so glad that we were able to be here for the party.

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Jim Guld said...

It is appropriate that Lynne said "Enjoy the journey." He always did. At least, he always seemed to. It is the Journey we all must make, and in the end, we must make it alone.
I loved John, and I told him so. Do not hesitate to tell that to your friends and the ones you love. Do it often.