Sunday, July 07, 2013

Mountains, Canyons, and Sunsets in Wyoming and Idaho

WOW!  I just kept saying that all day as Jim drove the motorhome thru the Wind River Canyon, then over the Continental Divide to where we got a glimpse of the Grand Tetons.  The weather was pretty dark and cloudy so we didn’t get the vistas I would have liked, but we still saw plenty.  Every time we turned a corner, we both said, “Wow!”

And then came the most scenic mountains of all … the Grand Tetons.  It was the sight of these mountains in our first year of travels that literally brought tears to my eyes.  They are exquisite.  They are the charm school graduates of mountain ranges.  This is why we travel – you just don’t see sights like this in normal city life!  The cloudy skies made for less than brilliant pictures, but being in the presence of the Grand Tetons was still a humbling experience.

WE even caught a glimpse of some Buffalo … err, Bison.

We managed to spare a few minutes to stop and the National Park Visitor Center and get our Nat’l Park Passport book stamped.  The visitor center building was quite an experience in itself.  Huge windows to fit the view!

The sun even peaked out for a few minutes.

And, we weren’t done yet!  After leaving the Tetons, we took the road that followed the Snake river – it was a beautiful canyon itself.

I was starting to get tired by this point … and I wasn’t even driving!  We didn’t have any reservations for the night since we had no idea how far we would make it.  It looked like we could get into Idaho Falls before dark, so I looked at our Allstays app on my smartphone and saw that there was an Elks Lodge in Idaho Falls.  Unfortunately, when I called them, I was told that they already had 2 RVs parked there, and that’s all they had room for.  So, we just found a rest area and pulled over.  OMG … I can’t imagine a better spot to rest!  It was overlooking the Snake river, and we happened to be there right at sunset time.

As if that wasn’t enough!  Would you believe that we had 5 bars of 4G on our smartphones?!  So we were able to zip along on the work we had to do before bedtime.
Here’s the picture we took of our parking spot the next morning.

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Tina said...

Wow! Very beautiful indeed, The mountain scene was amazing. Great pictures it really shows how beautiful the place is.