Monday, October 20, 2014

Scuba Diving in the Bahamas

Ahhhh ... vacation! I know ... looking at our pictures, it appears that we are always on vacation. But, having a web-based business it feels like we are always working! One place I know we can't work is when we're underwater! So that's how we take our vacations. We try to take at least one dive vacation each year. This year we went to San Salvador in the Bahamas. A resort I've known about for a long time thru my USA Dive Club. They've led trips to Riding Rock resort on San Sal many times over the years, and we've never gone. This time we hooked up with a New Jersey dive shop and Jim's old friend Jimmy Lyon.

The diving was SOO nice! 84 degree water. Sheer wall dropoffs, and lots of swimthrus, tunnels, and canyons. We had several shark following us around on every dive. Beautiful Caribbean Reef sharks. There were also some very friendly grouper - I could even pet them.

Jim took video with his GoPro camera on every dive. Here's one 3.5 minute video that he edited down just for you!

When we weren't diving, we were relaxing on the beach or on the veranda off the bar. Great sunsets every night. I finished one book and started another!

Lots more pictures in our October Album.

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1 comment:

Jan Mains said...

You two just have way too much fun. I'm sure you need a break with all the work you do. Photos are awesome.