Thursday, October 02, 2014

Hot Springs!

Other than scuba diving, soaking in a hot tub is probably our favorite thing! We seek out Hot Springs, but we haven't found more than a handful along our route and with RV parking nearby. One of those is in Tonopah, Arizona and it's called El Dorado Hot Springs. Desert Funky - is how I'd describe it. This is the third time we've been here in our travels and it's only gotten better. We had a 50Amp RV site, we were the only RV there. And, they've added new, private, tubs since we were there last.

In the evening, we used the Sunset Tub - and true to its name, we were able to watch the desert sunset while soaking.  Ahhhhhh

The following morning, we chose the Desert View tub. Can you tell why it's called that?

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1 comment: said...

I guess we'll need to stop there the next time we go through that area.