Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Thousand Trails, Verde Valley

With nothing on our calendar for a week or so, this seemed like a good time to stay at one of our membership parks with Thousand Trails. Verde Valley in Cottonwood, AZ is one of our favorites.
Beautiful desert walks, and a very nice hot tub.

A big problem though, is that the Verizon signal is not very strong here. We can get on enough to do emails, but it's too slow to get videos uploaded or any real web work done. And, we certainly can't do our broadcast "What Does this Button Do?" from here. So, we rescheduled it for the following Wednesday when we would be in Fort Lauderdale. We did take some time to record a video 'trailer' though. (

There was enough connection to check in with RVillage however.  To our surprise, we saw that Margo Armstrong was in the park. We met Margo in this very same park several years ago (Oct 2007), and we've loosely kept in touch. She even did an article on us in her blog, "Moving on with Margo." You can read it here: Geeks On Tour Made a Stop Here.

Thru RVillage, we were able to schedule a Get Together for any RVillagers in the park. This way we got to visit with Margo as well as meet some new friends, Scott and Jackie Cundiff.  Turns out they're geeks too! They have at least as many tech toys as we do! It was fun to chat! Click the link on their names to see their blog.

Next on our calendar is a visit to Florida and scuba trip to the Bahamas, so we arranged to store the RV here at Verde Valley and fly out of Phoenix. This is the first time we've both been away from our motorhome except for when it's been in for service. Felt pretty weird cleaning out the refrig and leaving everything with no power for nearly 2 months.
Then we drove the car to Phoenix and stayed at the Hospitality Suites overnight, ready to fly out of Sky Harbor the next day. The Hospitality Suites has a GREAT deal called Park and Fly where they let you leave the car in their parking lot for the whole time you're gone! They provide a shuttle to and from the airport. There's even free happy hour and free breakfast.  We heard about this from our friends Don and Kim Greene of Harvest Hosts. They live in Prescott and fly to worldwide destinations all the time. What a find! Thanks Kim and Don for telling us about this.

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Jan Mains said...

We've used the Park and Fly a lot out of Phoenix. There is hotel that offers it that has covered parking. We did find that not all the free shuttles run 24 hours a day if you have a late night or very early flight.

GR Scott Cundiff said...

I just saw this post and your mention of our great visit. We enjoyed it very much. Thanks for all you do to help educate folks in all things "geek"!