Monday, September 07, 2015

3 Whole Weeks on LBI - Long Beach Island

Some people call us homeless. But, that is SO far from the truth. When you live in a motorhome - you have your home with you everywhere, you also have several locations all over the country where you feel at home. Long Beach Island is one of those places. Not only because Jim spent his school years here and still has lots of cousins and other family in the area, but also because of Jimmy Lyon - his long time dive buddy. We are able to park in Jimmy's driveway and have free run of his house, beach, and dock.

Dirt/sand had been delivered to replenish the beach. A perfect recipe ... a hill of dirt, shovels, wheelbarrows, and two boys! A sight to behold :-)

The reward - relax with a beer ... Go fishing

Website Work (warning, boring details ahead)

We had plenty of work to do while we were. I had been looking forward to having this 'down time' to get to it. Both of our main websites ... and needed attention. They needed upgrading and backing up. The last time I clicked "Update" the whole system crashed - scary stuff. So this time I wanted a good local backup of the whole sites - this means several Gigabytes of transfer. This is something that takes a lot of time and Internet access to accomplish. Jimmy had upped his household Internet service just for our visit! So, Jim chained me to the computer while he shoveled dirt for a few days.
It felt really good to buckle down and understand exactly how this stuff works instead of just doing quick-click fixes (or hiring someone else to do it for me). I moved our website to a new host several months ago (from GoDaddy to A2Hosting) It's been both good and bad. One thing that hadn't worked as I expected was the backup/restore process. So I have now set up a separate fee-based backup system thru WordPress directly. It's called VaultPress. It took some work but I now have a setup where I can make a complete, live, backup of the entire site at a totally different place. I can use that backup site to make changes and see if they work ok before making the same change to the live site. So, I did all the upgrades to the backup site and everything worked OK. Whew! Now I've updated the live site, AND I have gut-level confidence in my backup system. Good Stuff.
Our site was still on GoDaddy - where we have a very strange and debilitating problem when we connect via Verizon - which is most of the time. Although is where we make our living - thru memberships - is the most heavily trafficked - 2-3,000 hits/day. So, I hate to move both of them at the same time. I decided to try just moving within Godaddy to a new service, their "Managed WordPress hosting."  I've been with GoDaddy for over 10 years and I've liked them. YAY! Switching to the different server within GoDaddy still solved the Verizon issue. AND, I really like the built-in backup / restore / staging site capability.

Weekly Web Shows

We also did 3 of our What Does This Button Do web shows during these 3 weeks. And, I wrote up the show notes for our members (and for myself!)
Episode and DateTopicsShow Video with Notes for MembersFree on Youtube
#51: 9/6/15Chargers, Cables, and Connections Tip: Setting Shortcuts, App: Speed Test#51 w/Notes and LinksYoutube #51
#50: 8/30/15Focus on Photos w Google Photos and Photofy Tip: Phone call multitasking, App: Fish Predictor#50 w/Notes and LinksYoutube #50
#49: 8/23/15Cleaning up Contacts2 Tip: Google Search, App: Shuttle#49 w/Notes and LinksYoutube #49


One thing I don't do very well any more is keep up with this blog! Thus this marathon post.
I just can't say enough how wonderful it is on Long Beach Island, staying with our friend Jimmy. So, before you start feeling sorry for us for how hard we're working ... check out some beautiful pictures.

And check out our Photo Albums for August and September for even more. Did we have some great weather or what?! Lots of friends, lots of music, boating, eating, body-surfing. I even got to relax and read a book. Next time we'll make it 3 months instead of 3 weeks!

Thanks Jimmy!! For your wonderful hospitality.

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