Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Visit to Washington, D.C.

When we left LBI, we gave ourselves a couple days leeway before we had to do a presentation in the D.C. area for the Patomac Area Technology and Computer Society.

We got a late start, not leaving Jimmy's till after 1pm! Did we not want to go?
First stop was to visit Chuck Parker and his wife Nadine. Chuck is a Geeks on Tour member who contacted us and invited us to visit his home since he wasn't too far away, in Columbus, NJ. It's always special to be invited to a home visit so we do our best to make it. It was an easy drive and he lives on a big cul-de-sac so we didn't even have to unhook to visit. AND, they fed us a great dinner. But, best of all was Chuck's compliments on our teaching. He travels in a Roadtrek and attends our seminars at FMCA conventions whenever he can. He also is a teacher himself, teaching a software product to Boat Pilots. He says he tries to emulate us because we teach so clearly. Flattery ... and food ... will get you everywhere!  Thanks Chuck and Nadine!

Since we didn't need to worry about dinner, and we'd only driven about an hour, Jim was fresh and willing to even drive after dark - so we made it the whole way in to Washington D.C. and the only RV park in the are where we've been before ... Cherry Hill. The cool thing about the Cherry Hill park is that there is public transportation right from the park in to D.C. proper. Jim looked at the brochures and decided on a D.C. After Dark tour. That meant we had all day Thursday to get work done. I was thrilled to get to work on an article and a video that's been on my mind for a while.
Article: Picasa and Google Photos: What's the Difference?
Video: What's so special about Google Photos?

So, not only did I get to enjoy an impromptu visit to D.C. but I could do it with a clear conscience because I got my work done!
The evening tour was especially nice because the GrayLine bus picked us up AND dropped us off right at the RV park. No worries, clear conscience, no agenda. We really enjoyed ourselves!

If we are to have Peace on Earth, our loyalties must become ecumenical rather than sectional. Our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class, and our nation, and this means we must develop a world perspective.  Martin Luther King, Georgia 1967'
I've been here several times before, but I think this was the best, primarily for being unplanned. Oh ... and we had perfect weather too. The next day we took advantage of the Metro transportation system and just did what we wanted. Jim wanted to go to the Air and Space Museum. And, of course, visit his parents' gravesite in Arlington National Cemetery.

Then we walked, and walked, and walked. My step counter on my smartphone kept beeping and buzzing! It claims I walked a record number of steps that day ... 16,000+ So when, we saw a rack of bikes that could be rented and returned at any number of places, we took advantage!

If you notice any flag at half staff, that's because it was September 11. At one point we saw 2 helicopters and an Osprey fly overhead. Pretty sure that was Marine One and possibly the president.

And, of course at the end of this fabulous day, we needed some sustenance. An outdoor, sidewalk cafe on Pennsylvania Avenue was just the ticket!

And here's a little video I put together using Google Photos

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GrannyB said...

Thank you for a most informative presentation today at the computer club. I was a guest because I'm strictly an Apple person and the club seems geared for the Microsoft world. If iPhoto can't match what I saw you doing with Google Photo, I won't give up my Apple devices but I'll start using Google Photo. You also inspired me to get busy digitizing my old photos - yep, lots of shoe boxes full plus notebooks with slides.

I look forward to follow you on your travels.

Steve and Karen said...

Washington, DC certainly is a wonderful place to visit. I lived my entire life in that area (except for the past 3 years) and was able to visit the many great attractions.
The nice thing about Washington's attractions is that most of them are free!
With that being said, I'm glad to be able to now live the FT lifestyle and get away from that busy area.