Saturday, September 19, 2015

Geek Week at Sun City, Hilton Head

This is our third time here. It's very convenient in our travels to and from Florida and the Computer Clubs here are very active. Both the Sun City Computer Club and the Hilton Head Island Computer Club have told us that they will schedule our presentations any time we're passing thru!
We LOVE doing Geek Weeks!

The person who first found us and got all this started was Catherine Tracy. She has been using Picasa and found us years ago by Googling for help with Picasa. So, first stop was dinner at Catherine's house. Man! She is a gooood cook!

The Sun City community has a great place for us to park! They offer a RV/Boat storage yard for residents and it includes 6 full hookup/50 amp RV sites. We generally have the place all to ourselves, and at $22/night it's quite a bargain.

We scheduled 4 sessions during our stay and the first was the hands-on Smartphone Camera class. We sold out with 20 people and were very grateful to have Catherine and Robin as our assistants. They have a great classroom that is always booked during the season. Their computer club offers classes daily. It is so much fun for us to get together with fellow teachers.

Next up was an open Q&A session about anything to do with smartphones and tablets. This was over on the island for the Hilton Head Island Computer Club. Jack Wilfore, our contact for that club, is also quite an accomplished Picasa teacher. We're getting into a habit of taking a selfie with our audience at each of our presentations. We do like to have fun!

That was Wednesday. Then Thursday was the general meeting of the Sun City club and they let us teach about our current favorite topic, Google Photos!

And, here's the little movie we made using Google Photos during the session:

The last day we had another session with the Sun City group at a session they call their "Komputer Klatch" or KK. It was another open Q&A with smartphones and tablets.
We love our Geek Weeks!

WELCOME!! To 22 new Geeks on Tour members for the week. Is this a great way to make a living or what?!

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