Saturday, July 30, 2016

2016 Escapade in Essex Junction, Vermont

The Escapade is an annual get together of the Escapees club. Last year it was in Tucson, AZ. We've been attending, and teaching our seminars there for many years - at least since 2010.

We knew we were going to be busy for most of the week. But I was determined to do some line dancing with the ever-cheerful Carol Hill. I made it the first morning and took pictures to prove it!

The first 2 days we were teaching a "learn-by-doing" class on smartphone photography. At the end of the class, everyone could make a little movie like my line-dancing one above. There's no better way to learn than doing! My favorite comment at the end of the class was a woman who said she sent the little movie she made to her grandson who asked, "Can you show me how to do that?"
What a proud grandma. It's normally her grandson who is teaching her!

Then came the main event and we taught 6 seminars:

All of the seminars drew a good crowd, but the most popular one this time around was the "Honey Tell Me Where To Go!" seminar. The topic is Trip-Planning, Navigation, and Mapping Memories. We demonstrated more on Google Maps than anything. It took a panorama to get the whole crowd. Here's the seminar handout, if you're interested.

We also did a live stream of our Google Photos seminar.

And, we had some fun too! Thanks to Bruce Fay for 'capturing' this photo!

Till next year Escapees!
Escapade 2017 will be in March in Tucson, AZ.

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Patty E said...

I took a couple of your classes and enjoyed them. I now know how to take panoramic photos. I hadn't tried with my new phone because I thought I would have to stitch them together like on the old phone and that was just too much work. I wish I would have learned this much sooner as I have missed some great photo opps, but now I know. :-)