Monday, July 04, 2016

Lifestyle Confusion

In 2003 we sold our house in Fort Lauderdale and took to the road. We lived in a 30 ft, no slides, class C motorhome for 8 years solid and fully embraced the lifestyle of a Fulltime RVer.

I remember the ecstasy of having no ties .... We met up with my Dad and his girlfriend at a campground in Arkansas - see blog post here. He has always been a camper - probably most of where I get it from - and it was fun to meet up on the road. They had to go back home after our camping visit. We got to Keep On Going!  Here's what I wrote:
That's what I so love about full-time RVing. You get to keep on goin'. I've had lots of wonderful vacations in my life. But, they always ended. You always had to go back. Like having an invisible leash that would let you go far, but always reels you back in the end. I have this urge to keep on goin'. The total freedom is what appeals to me. Back on the road ...
This was back in 2006 - about 3 years into our Fulltime RVing lifestyle and I was still reveling in the experience of total freedom. Little by little, we accumulated obligations here and there. It was good, it was how we made our living - going to RV rallies at different places around the country.

In 2011, we upgraded to a larger RV. Added some custom furniture, and started working harder at presenting seminars at RV Rallies. We were still Fulltime RVers, but it was much more of a working lifestyle than travel/vacation, the rallies dictated our itinerary. My mom, in Fort Lauderdale, also needed me more - so we always had to come "home" to Fort Lauderdale when we weren't otherwise scheduled.

Luckily, we LOVE Fort Lauderdale. The old adage, "Travel the World, Find Happiness in your own Backyard" fit my sentiments just fine. Life changes. Both Jim and I are good at going with the flow. Since Mom is in assisted living now, we are staying in her townhouse when we're in town, and putting the motorhome in storage.

We've been doing that for the last year - a few days here, a week or two there. This time we've been here for just over two months, and we've settled in. We have a master bedroom and bath and a Walk In Closet!! We've gotten spoiled. We even bought a hot tub and put it in the backyard.

There is a second bedroom where Jim has set up all our studio lights, backdrops, computers and sound equipment for delivering our weekly online teaching. What a treat not to have to take it down every time like we do when we're in the RV.

We've also been settled in enough to take care of ourselves. Jim has been doing all the cooking, forcing us to eat right - and losing weight. I've pushed for walking and we have a beautiful circle tour path in this neighborhood.

Now we're getting ready to hit the road again in order to get to the Escapade in Vermont at the end of July. We're excited. We spent this morning at the RV cleaning up a bit and thinking about what we need to bring over. When I walked in the door of the motorhome, I felt so at home. But, when we finished and came back to the townhouse, I feel at home there too!

What a concept. Two homes! My identity has been so wrapped up in being a "Fulltime RVer" that I'm not sure what to do with this new status.

But I like it!

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Jan Mains said...

I understand your feelings completely. You have the best of both worlds. See you soon.

Jim Perry said...

Great article, Chris. Val and I are both "collectors", me of computer stuff, her of everything else. We've talked about being full time RV'ers, but don't think it would work for us. I admire your lifestyle.

Jim Perry said...
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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Being close to those we hold dear is an important part of everyone's life but the most important is being with the one you love.
In the end that will probably be the same for us even though we've just finally become Fulltimers. Part-timing isn't that bad it's just that it takes more money to have the two lifestyles in the end it will be one or the other.
Even though we'd love to attend the Escapade in Vermont we have to pass this year.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Steve and Karen said...

Sounds like you two are embracing both styles in fine fashion.
Hope to see you in VT in a few weeks. Travel safe.