Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Travel to a Rally

I kinda like how our RVing life is going these days. We go to rallies where we present seminars ... "work." Then we have some time to travel and explore on our way to the next "gig." We do anywhere from 2 - 6 big rallies each year, then fill in the between times with smaller rallies, computer club meetings, and other small groups who are interested in our seminars.
This time we're headed to the Escapees club "Escapade" in Essex Junction, Vermont. With a small group rally in Hudson, NY first.

We look at the map and see that we'll be passing nearby a Thousand Trails park - Chesapeake. It's a busy weekend but we were able to get reservations for Friday night. Pretty place.

Next morning we get up and get back on the road, headed towards New York. I'm not sure that I remember each day correctly, so I'll show you what Google Maps records for me. It's really so cool. If you go to Google Maps, click the 3-line menu and choose "Timeline" you'll see everywhere you've been - assuming that you haven't turned it off. To learn more about Location Services, see our "What Does This Button Do?" show, Episode #81: Location Services.
This is the overview of our whole month:

Then you can also look at each day:

Last stop before the Escapade was a small rally for the Elks chapter of FMCA. We love staying at Elks lodges with RV parking, so enjoy swapping stories with this group. The campground was Brook n Wood in the Hudson River area of New York. 
We took one day to play tourist and took a boat ride on the Hudson!

What a gorgeous day!

Next Stop - Essex Junction and the Escapade!

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