Tuesday, January 03, 2017

New Year's Resolution

It may not be quite a resolution,  but I sure do want to post more in this blog.  In December I ordered 3 more years of my blog books from blog2print.com and I love them.  They are beautiful 4 color hard back coffee table books of my life. I now have books for 2004 - 2012. It's noticeable how they keep getting thinner as I write less and less.  I could probably fit 2013-2016 in one book and it will still be smaller than 2004!
I love my Blog Books!
I also have set it up so it's easy to create a post using my phone and just emailing it to the blog.  I wrote about how to do that in an article on geeksontour.com. 

Life has changed a bit this past year because we moved into Mom's townhouse in Fort Lauderdale and are no longer fulltime RVers. We still spent about half the year in the motorhome and loved it as much as ever,  but it feels very different to have a stick and brick home now.  

A walk in closet is such a treat, but I didn't know what to do with it.  When we moved in,  over a year ago now,  I just dumped stuff in there.  I think I was treating it like a storage unit! Yesterday,  New Year's day,  was the day to sort it out. Who knew? A walk in closet is something that you can actually walk into. 

Today I sorted out my online closet of photos!  Check out the "Our Photo Albums" page in the menu above.  All the photos are in Google photos,  but there is no provision to display a group of albums,  so I came up with this design myself.  Google photos allows you to link to individual albums.  I came up with the grid for each month of year,  including a thumbnail picture.  Whaddaya think? 

I created this photo album page for the blog.
Speaking of Google photos,  we ended 2016 with a bang by publishing my Mrs Geek's Guide to Google Photos and promoting it with a launch on our weekly show. We sold nearly 300 copies in all it's formats, setting records for our monthly income!  Merry Christmas to us..

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