Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Teaching at Riverbend

Riverbend RV resort was actually one of our very first teaching RV related jobs - even before we were Geeks on Tour. We were working for Coach Connect, the company that installed their WiFi. We were there to teach them how to use it. It didn't work great then, and 15 years later, they still have problems. WiFi just isn't meant to work in large outdoor areas like an RV park! We can't wait for 5G.

This time around we were invited by people who stay there and have seen our seminars at FMCA rallies. We are teaching:
  1. Smartphones: What Does This Button Do?
  2. Google Photos: What to do with all your pictures?
  3. Technology for Travelers
  4. Create your online Travelog

Here is the photo album from this visit to Riverbend.

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