Friday, August 17, 2018

Trinidad, Colorado - Boomtown

We were headed for Capulin Volcano - it was the right distance away, we've been there before and knew the nice little RV park right across from the Volcano. BUT, we also noticed that there was a Colorado State Park right beside the little town of Trinidad. We like State parks but they usually don't have good Internet. When we reached the area we looked at our Verizon signal and it was good, so we went to the park. Nice!

There was a good trail for walking and taking in the views. We always need the exercise, so we took advantage of good weather and walked a couple miles. Did we take any pictures? Does a bear ...? Is the pope ...?  :-)

We also went thru the town of Trinidad. What a sweet little town! It looked like it was newly refurbished, even prosperous. I wonder why?

Aha - we found the answer.

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