Monday, August 20, 2018

The Mother Road

Over our years of RVing, we've driven on or near route 66 many times. I think my favorite stop was Bagdad Cafe in 2004. Last year, 2017, we broke down and had to stay several days in Seligman, AZ - the inspiration for Cars, an animated movie about Radiator Springs abandoned when route 66 died. But, this year as it happens we seem to be doing nearly half the route. We picked it up in Texas, followed it thru Oklahoma, Missouri and much of Illinois.
By Fredddie - USA map(GIS data), roads (GIS data), maps to help locate the route in GIS data, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Route 66 from Santa Monica, CA to Chicago, IL
And, here's my favorite rendition of Get your Kicks on Route 66. Amarillo, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Joplin Missouri, all places we visited this time around.

We noticed a Route 66 museum right on our way - had to stop.

We even stayed a night in Joplin, Missouri - a town I only know by hearing its name in the song!

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