Wednesday, August 01, 2018

We like hot water

We seek out hot springs wherever we are and we found one of the very best during our first year on the road. Thermopolis, Wyoming is where the hot springs are. Just north of Thermopolis is an RV park called Fountain of Youth. They've channeled the hot spings into 3 large pools. We discovered it and stayed there in 2004, and then again in 2013. We got another chance this year and jumped on it.

We had some computer/website work that needed to get done, so we couldn't stay if the Internet wasn't good. We were heartened when the Verizon signal was at 4-5 bars driving thru the town of Thermopolis, but it didn't last. Even though the RV park is just a few miles north, the Verizon signal was down to 1-2 bars and the speeds were abysmal. Jim put up our cellular booster antenna, but it didn't improve it much. The park had Wi-Fi but it was up and down. Jim put up our Wi-Fi Ranger and it seemed to help significantly. The Wi-Fi was good enough to get our work done, so we registered to stay 2 nights! Aaaaaahhhhhh

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