Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Chessie! Crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel

A great shot of the bridge from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel website - CBBT.com Notice the  gaps in the bridge? That's where there's a tunnel instead so both vehicle traffic, and boat traffic can move unimpeded. It's nearly 17 miles all totaled including to drive it - across both bridge and tunnel.

We started our day at a campground on I-95. We woke up fairly early and got on the road, stopping for breakfast at Cracker Barrel before turning off I-95 and heading east toward Norfolk. We would normally have spent the night at the Cracker Barrel, since they specifically allow that, but it was so hot we had to have electric hookups so we could run our air conditioner. We paid $45 for that luxury, so we made sure to take advantage of their hot tub as well!

It was a beautiful day to cross the Chesapeake, a Tuesday afternoon, little traffic and beautiful weather, Chris even drove.

We had originally planned to find a place to stay by Chincateague, or even better - Assateague National Seashore - because that is where there are wild horses. It's supposed to be quite easy to spot wild horses from anywhere in the National Park. But, the heat was our controlling factor. Our research showed that the campground in the national park were primitive - no electricity. That means we couldn't run our A/C. Nope, not happening. Also, we've had such wonderful experiences the past week, we really didn't need something so special - just a place to park and an electric plug. How about an Elks Lodge? We love those. Our Allstays website showed one in Pocomoke. Yep, that's perfect.

There's a big cell tower in sight - that's how I'm posting this! And, we're 1.5 hours from the ferry terminal going from Lewes, DE to Cape May, NJ. We have a reservation to be on that ferry at noon tomorrow.

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