Monday, August 19, 2019

Chloe's Farm

Chloe's mother was also named Chloe and the current Chloe is carrying on more tradition than just the name. After being a hippie-chick living on a boat in the Bahamas for years, Chloe returned to her family farm and it is now a successful B&B.

She has 5 rooms/suites for rent in this 100 year old farmhouse. Big Mill Bed and Breakfast In addition to her B&B rooms she also has 2 vintage luxury Airstream trailers and one electric hookup for an RV! You know which facility we used right?!

We think of Chloe as a settled southern girl now, but I think she looks right at home in our RV!

Her property is still a working farm as well as a B&B, growing Tobacco and Cotton as cash crops, and grapes, figs, pecans, and more for fresh food in her kitchen.

Jim had great fun flying his drone and getting some new aerial video of the farm. I enjoyed hanging out and using her screaming fast WiFi to catch` up on some website work. Then she fed us! Oh Man! Have you ever had fresh figs stuffed with goat cheese? and homemade gazpacho .. and salad with glazed pecans right from the tree? Neither had we! and we loved it.

Thanks Chloe!

I'll post Jim's drone video here when he gets it edited.

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