Saturday, August 31, 2019

Friends music and sunsets

We visit, and stay, on Long Beach Island in South New Jersey whenever possible. Jim lived there from 1963 to 85. Jim's long time friend, Jimmy Lyon, still lives there and has the best RV driveway camping spot of anywhere in the country. We've been known to stay parked there for over a month but this time we just had one week.
We used the cape May ferry to get from Delaware to New Jersey.

Then we made a stop to see Jim's aunt Julie. Jim's father had 7 siblings. Julie is the only one left. It was heartening to see her doing well.

First on the agenda was music. There is a wonderful tradition of outdoor, live music each night in particular by the bay.

Then the next night, Jim's good friend Tom Pernal was playing at a local bar/restaurant. What joy to see him pursuing his passion.

Lots of people, lots of partying whenever we stay on LBI, but we also found time to do a "Button show" - episode 174 of our YouTube educational show. This time our topic was making movies using a free phone app called FilmoraGo.

When it was time to leave, the RV had other ideas. We made it across the bridge to the mainland, then stopped for gas. After filling up, the RV would not start. We had to get towed to a local GM service facility and leave it there.

Jimmy graciously came and picked us up and took us back to his house.
For the first time in 15 years of doing this, we were unable to make it to our scheduled appearance. We were supposed to be in Connecticut at a meeting of the Trumbull computer club the next night. We weren't going to make it. But we've gotten pretty good at online presentations, and with a few tweaks we were able to set it up so we could present remotely and they hardly even realized that we weren't there.

The following day we were able to pick up our RV with a new 'fuse block' and an $800 bill and get back on our way.


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