Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Computer Clubs and Blogger

Our first stop in Ohio was the Canton computer user group and they asked us to give our seminar on how to use blogger.com to make simple websites, aka Blogs.
This is one of our favorite topics since our life story since 2003 is here on our blog and we use blogger to make it. We also use blogger too make our LearnGooglephotos.com website. Blogger is drop-dead easy and it is completely free. We think it is a wonderful option for clubs.
We had a small group, but they were really interested. I have every expectation that we will see some published blogs from this group in the near future.
It's interesting to note that I am creating this post with the recently updated Blogger Mobile app for Android. It has very few features, but at least those features (typing text and adding photos) work. For quite some time the app has been unusable because it insists on crashing every time you use it.
I am also thrilled to see an updated app because that signals that Google is not abandoning Blogger.

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