Sunday, September 01, 2019

Good friends and trees

Ann Meacham used to live in the fort Lauderdale area and we were great friends. I was bummed when she moved to Connecticut, but by then I wasn't in fort Lauderdale much myself, so I let her go (very nice of me dontcha think?) I never knew how much she disliked the hot weather of Florida until she moved and we talked on the phone about how she was falling in love with Connecticut.

Cool weather, lots of birding and hiking and oh my the trees are to-die-for. I did know that she's always been a tree hugger 🌲🌳, now she has a forest right outside her door and I couldn't wait to see it.
We entered her address into our Google maps and headed toward Naugatuck, CT. When we pulled into the parking lot of her condo, she was standing outside to greet us because we used Google maps to share our love location with her. No calls, no texting "well be there in about a half hour." All she had to do was glance at Google maps on her phone and she knew exactly where we were. She saw when we had turned into the road that leads up her hill. We've been using this location sharing so much this trip that I made a tutorial video to teach others.

It was great to see my old friend again. We talked and talked. And we walked in her woods. She was right.


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