Saturday, June 06, 2020

#StayHome days 74-78 Blackout week

Blackout Tuesday is an initiative to go silent on social media, reflect on recent events, and stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. With day after day of protests, deepening awareness of our systemic racism, police brutality, and rising death toll from the virus, it felt more like blackout week to me. I have bad-news fatigue.

We did all our normal things this week. Walked around the neighborhood most every day, 2 Toastmaster meetings via Zoom, one mastermind meeting via zoom, no happy hours this week. Still working on book, sent out our June newsletter. Finished reading Give People Money - some kind of Universal Basic Income system makes so much sense to me. It was a very well researched book, and surprisingly readable. 

Bad News
6/1 Mon US Covid-19 cases: 1.82 million Deaths: 106,000
6/2 Tue cases: 1.87 million, Deaths: 108,000
6/4 Wed cases: 1.88 million, Death: 109,000
6/5 Fri cases: 1.93 million  , Deaths: 110,000

Good News
NFL On Kneeling Players' Protests: 'We Were Wrong ... - NPR

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