Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Driveway camping and baseball

 With a tropical storm hitting the gulf coast - right where we're heading - we decide to hang out in Florida a couple more days. This would give us an opportunity to visit a couple of friends. 

Some people think that the RV lifestyle means leaving all your friends and being lonely on the road. Our experience is exactly the opposite! RVing gives you the chance to meet new people and to visit old friends where they live. What a treat!

Nick and Terry

Our good friends, Nick and Terry Russell, were fulltime RVers for 18 years. We got to know them quite well over many of those years and they are 2 of our favorites! They have since hung up the RV keys and bought a house in Florida. We decided to take advantage of their driveway hospitality and visit for a day as we slowly made our way out of Florida. 

It is a joy to see such a happy couple. They've been together a long time and supported each other thru good times and bad, fun times and hard work. But, we all know the real key to a happy marriage ... she laughs at his jokes!


Next along the route is my old high-school friend Alex. She lives in Melrose, just outside of Gainesville, and she has convinced several other folks from our high school to move there as well. We have looked at property there, but Alex says she sees us more often than the people who live there! So far this year, we've visited 3 times! This time we got to meet her new rescue dog, Chloe.

And we went out with her and her husband, Jim. It's always a joy. 

We checked the weather radar and saw that the storm had moved along and was now east of where we would be traveling. But, we still had some pretty nasty weather.

Eric and Tami

Next stop, Mobile Alabama where our TechnoRV friends have a driveway spot waiting for us!

Eric and Tami are still fulltime RVers, even though their motorhome has been pretty stationary during the pandemic. We've known their business, since before they owned it. TechnoRV started in the closets of the motorhome owned by our friends Phil and Tracey. They sold it to Eric and Tami who also ran it out of their motorhome at first, but over the years, they've built it up to a full office, 7 fulltime employess, and now they just outgrew that and they took us on a tour of their new offices and warehouse! Wow! If you are an RVer and you need any techie-type equipment, these are the folks to see! Garmin GPS, Berkey Water filters (we love ours), Surge Guard electrical protection, Tire pressure monitoring systems, and more. Check out their website at 

We stayed in their driveway for 2 nights because we had plenty of work to do during the day. We live-streamed our Google Photos Q&A session from our van. We seem to be getting back into the swing of work and travel with no problem. 

Then, later in the evening, we visited in their RV, had some dinner and watched a baseball game. Normally, I wouldn't say that watching a baseball game was a very exciting thing. I'm not a big fan and don't follow baseball, but listen to this story: Tami's nephew, Tanner Allen, plays for Mississippi State and they are in the "World Series of College Baseball." That is what was on this night. For the first 7 innings, Virginia was winning 4-2. Tanner wasn't doing so good, he didn't even get on base for most of the game.  Then, in the 8th inning, Mississippi got 2 players on base, and Tanner came up to bat. HE HIT A HOME RUN for the win! OMG was it exciting! We had so much fun.

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