Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Weekend at Frankie's

 We met Frank Drew in our very first year RVing. He had a company called Coach Connect that installed Wi-Fi in RV parks and we worked for him doing support. The best part of all that was becoming friends with Frank, he was a young person in our world full of energy and ideas. That was 20 years ago and he now has 2 kids - with even more energy! Whenever we travel west we make a point to stop by Waco for a visit. Here are blog posts from previous visits in 2017, 2013. We consider the Drews, both Frank and his parents, Frank Sr. and Carol, our family in Texas.

This time we got to visit with all 3 generations of Drews because they all happened to be in the same house for the weekend - add 2 geeks with their RV in the driveway, and we had a 3 day party!

Frank and his son Fuller

Here's something we've never seen before - kids in our camper.

Frank's daughter, Claire with her 'baby yoda' that Jim 3D printed before we left home.

We always make sure to carry bathing suits with us when we travel, but they rarely get used - except for the occasional hot springs. It takes kids to get us into a pool - and we had a blast.

On Sunday, we took advantage of their great outdoor patio area, and their Wi-Fi! to live stream our YouTube show. The topic was managing Time Zones with Google Calendar.

The wonderful thing about driveway camping is that you get to be neighbors, and even roommates, for a few days. What a treat.

Jim was so happy to have a reason to cook the steaks he bought before we left home. And, Frankie even had a Sous Vide! So Jim could cook the steak the way he likes. 

Thank you SO much for your warm and loving hospitality. We love visiting our Texas family.


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Julie Manhold said...

Russ and I are so happy that you guys are back on the road. Seems like you're having a ball. Please stay safe and sound until you return home. Looks like we will experience only some rain and wind as Elsa passes through South Florida.