Friday, June 25, 2021

Travel days

 After leaving Eric and Tami's in Mobile, our next planned stop was Waco Texas to see our good friend, Frank Drew. That's a distance of about 650 miles and it took us 3 days.

In Vicksburg, we found an Elks Lodge with RV parking. We use the Allstays website to find them. This was lodge #95 which means it's pretty old!

The next stop was a regular RV park, called the Hitchin Post. Really, it's a trailer park, with lots of people who obviously live there permanently. We find a lot of these that have one section for transient RVs. It had hot showers, good electricity, and even decent Wi-Fi.

We were comfortable enough that we could attend our normal Friday morning meeting zoom call, and then kept the setup going to record some screenshots that Jim needed for a Toastmaster presentation for the Virtual Toastmasters conference this weekend.

Next stop - Frankie's!

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