Sunday, February 10, 2019

Camper Van, Horses and Heroes

On our fourth day in New Zealand, we picked up our motorhome from Wilderness RV. We chose this company and booked the motorhome several months ago because of the recommendation of Heath and Alyssa. They spent 3 months in one and highly recommended it. See their excellent video series on Camper Vanning in New Zealand. It wasn't cheap - approx $300/day - but we had to get the larger model to sleep 3, and we got extras like Internet service, and pre-booked Ferry.

See a little video here. After getting the instructions on how everything works, we took off, Jim driving on the left side of the road, and me feeling like I must be about to go off the road on the left side. White knuckles driving thru Auckland and over the bridge to the north. "Keep Left" "Look Right"  "Keep Left"
It's the right turns that are really freaky - crossing the the traffic to turn right on the far side. What?

Here is a little video (it's in the main Album) of when we first got the RV and are ready to take off.

We traveled about an hour north of Auckland to a campground we found in the Campermate app.

Our first night in the camper was just Jim and me. It was good to get everything stowed and get a little familiar with it before picking up Melinda.

After our one night, we drove back into Auckland to pick up Melinda and start our adventure! The whole excuse for this trip is that Melinda was asked to present her workshop on Equine Assisted Professional Development (see her website We were early for the Spirit Horse Festival, so we found a campground not to far and settled in for 2 nights. Aaaaahhhh.

I've known Melinda since the late 70s, lived with her in Lake Tahoe, and traveled together many times. We let Jim come along :-) He likes it!

Spirit Horse Festival

What a trip. People, horses, kids, food, camping, seminars - all on a gorgeous piece of property called Dunes Lake Lodge. Melinda gave two presentations: 1-Thinking outside the Paddock, and 2-Creativity in the Arena. She is a teacher - that is the bond we share - and she has been teaching and facilitating with people and horses for many years. She has a herd of her own on her property near Reno, Nevada. Jim and I know nothing about horses, we were just there as Melinda's support. Something different for sure!
Melinda's presentation on Creativity in the Arena

Here's a little movie put together from Jim's photos and videos.

Jim is still the Technology Hero

We were only there to support Melinda, but she made sure that the festival organizers knew that we were Technology Geeks - so when their WiFi stopped working, they came to Jim!

He saved the day. We actually called ourselves Computer Heroes years ago. And, when the presenters arrived at their session with only  thumb drive containing their PowerPoint presentation - Jim got them hooked up with a computer and HDMI cable to the big screen TV in the presentation room.

It was a fun time. Now on with the adventure!

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

That is a steep price to rent an RV but you do what is needed.
Driving on the opposite side of the road can be a real hair raiser.
Nice to be able to Save The Day.
Glad you are Enjoying your time with Melinda.
Be Safe!

It's about time.