Monday, August 16, 2021

Staying cool

It's been hot this summer. From Texas to Wyoming, Utah to New Jersey, it's been in the 90s. When we camped at 10,000 feet, it cooled off at night but most places-not. It's been a struggle this year to stay cool.
Living in an RV means you can follow the weather; north in the summer, south in the winter. That didn't work this year. It was SO hot on the Jersey shore that we almost left after just a couple of days. Luckily it cooled off a little, and we managed. We ended up staying a couple weeks.

The best way to stay cool is to get wet

How to create a breeze

One of the boondocking tricks we learned early in our RV lifestyle is how to get air to flow thru the RV. First to make sure that all the windows are closed, that's right, Windows closed. Then turn on the vent, called a 'fantastic' fan, that is in the middle of the RV. This acts like an exhaust fan, pulling air from inside the RV and pushing it out. Now you can open just the windows in the bedroom area. Voila! You get a breeze from bedroom thru to the vent. This is normally enough to keep us comfortable at night in warm weather. Not this year. 

Grateful for air conditioning, but...

Our roadtrek is equipped with ac and are we ever grateful for that! But I still have complaints. 
1. It's noisy. Hurricane strength noisy! My Apple Watch tracks my sleep and one of the data points is noise level. Without the ac my normal night time noise level is about 35-40 decibels - a quiet library. With the ac running, it records 70-75 Decibels - a loud vacuum cleaner
2. It draws a lot of electricity. We need to be plugged in to a good source of electricity for it to work well. It will work when we're on generator power, but it doesn't take long before the stress shuts it down. It will work when we're plugged in to a household 20 amp circuit, but if that's the same circuit as the houses ac, we might trip the breaker in the house. There goes not only our ac, but our friends as well. I hate when that happens.
3. The thermostat is flaky. Sometimes the ac stays going until it's so cold I have icicles on my nose. If we adjust the thermostat to a warmer setting, it may not come on at all. And other times it just keeps going on and off, on and off, with all the noise changes keeping us awake.

We'll be home soon and I am looking forward to reliable, quiet, central ac. I just hope the power company is able to handle the regional demand. 

It's really hot in Florida right? This is what people ask us as we travel. We just crossed over the Florida state line and it's the first time in quite a while that our outside thermometer has registered under 100. Florida is one of the cooler places we've been this summer!

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