Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Wine, yoga, drive across Indiana

Sleepy Creek winery, we've stayed here before. It's a harvest Hosts location. The first time was in 2014
Sleepy Creek Winery

This time we noticed a new building when we drove in, apparently for hosting events. 
We got parked and then went in to the winery for a tasting. I saw a sign that said Yoga class at 5:30. Well - can I take a glass of wine with me? Sure!

Ahhh - we had a very relaxed evening! Got up the next morning and back on the road. We stopped at Sunnyside Dispensary, then I drove across Indiana to Ohio.

We found a special little RV park near Columbus. Kind of like Chloe's Big Mill B&B, this place - Alton RV Park - was a family farm that been passed down for several generations. 2-3 generations ago, they turned it into an RV park.

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