Saturday, August 14, 2021

Two more stops on the Friendship Tour

 We visited so many friends along the way on this trip, we've dubbed it "The Friendship Tour." So, when we noticed that western Pennsylvania was along the route, we decided to visit with our Toastmasters friend, Aleta. We even worked it out that we were there on Thursday morning so we could appear in our Earlybird Toastmasters meeting. We surprised everyone by showing up at Aleta's

Aleta lives in a very rural area and always has trouble with Internet. It's true - she has satellite that barely works, Verizon was almost non-existent. Our AT&T hotspot was OK. She was happy to have the Geeks' confirm that Internet is a struggle at her location.
Aleta's house in rural western Pennsylvania

Check out this little movie that shows more detail about just how rural she is.

Our prize student, Chuck

Next up, just over the river in New Jersey, was Chuck. He's been a Geeks on Tour member for many years, and he is a Roadtreker. We've met up at many places all over the country and he gives us an open invitation whenever we're near his home.
It's always a treat to visit with him and his 'first wife' :-) Nadine.

And, here's another little movie - what a trip he is getting out on his bicycle to lead the way!

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