Wednesday, April 13, 2022

On the boat

By the time we were leaving the hotel to go to the boat,  our luggage still had not been delivered, but we were assured it was at the airport. The boat was also at the airport.  So it would be no problem to pick it up ourselves.  

Yes,  you heard that right,  the boat was at the airport.  This island airport was also the ferry docks and sea plane port.  Quite unique and beautiful. 

There are actually 2 boats involved.  The main "mother ship" the Maldives Aggressor that would be our hotel for the week.  And the smaller Dohni boat that would carry us and all our dive gear to the various dive sites.  It was the Dohni that picked us up at the airport and our first item of business was to get out all our dive gear, set it up on a tank and put the rest into our bin.  This is where it stayed for the duration. 

The dohni then took us out to the mother ship where we took our empty dive bags,  and the rest of our luggage to our rooms and for settled in.  I don't remember splurging for an upper deck room with large windows but I guess we did. It was very nice. There's even a window in the bathroom. Now that's a memory ... taking a shower while looking out at those 🏝 islands!

We had the traditional "Welcome aboard" party and our first dinner of fresh tuna - I'll bet they caught it earlier that day!

The next morning we all did our first, checkout, dive. As soon as we got back on board, I wasn't feeling so hot. Yep, I had a cold. I took a rapid Covid test to be sure it wasn't that - I tested negative. But I felt rotten and spent the next 3 days in bed. I'm glad it was a nice room! And, we had Internet most of the time because our Google Fi phones could connect to cell towers on the resort islands. 

While I was sick in bed, one of the crew named Mahedi would bring me food and take away my dirty dishes. He was very sweet and attentive. This photo is when Jim came back and found Mahedi in our room! Ha! 

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