Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The diving

A typical day on board the Maldives Aggressor started at 6am with a knock on your door and personal delivery of coffee!
A dive briefing started at 6:30, then we boarded the Dohni that took us to the dive site and we were in the water by 7-7:30. We came back to the mother ship for breakfast then out on the Dohni for one more dive before lunch. A little rest time then an afternoon dive and back for dinner. On two nights there were night dives. All in all there were 28 dives offered in the 10 day trip. Jim did all 28, I did 13.

The best way to tell you about the dives is with pictures!

For the Manta experience, you need to watch the video. This was not only the highlight of this trip, I think it is the highlight of my 40 year diving career!! Such graceful, majestic creatures, and they seemed to like us. We were on this dive for a full hour and they were swimming around us the whole time. This was a cleaning station for them. They especially seemed to like our bubbles - I think it tickled them.

Here's the video

Here's Jim taking that video!

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