Monday, September 12, 2022

At home in 21 feet

It's a rainy morning in the Doughton park campground. We're so glad that we dumped and took on water and got gas yesterday. That means that we're good for anything we need to do. This was our 5th night with no hookups. We've cooked every meal except one in the camper. These campground didn't even have showers, so we had the rare joy of using the shower head in our tiny bathroom. It's called a wet bath, because the whole bathroom gets wet when you use the shower. In the five years that we've  had the road trek, we've only used it once or twice.
We ran the generator to make coffee and we decided to have oatmeal for breakfast. We usually cook on an electric, induction, cook top, but I didn't want the noise of the generator any more than we had to so we used the gas stove. Hey! It worked! I'm not sure we've ever used it before.
With the rain keeping us inside, cooking and cleaning giving us something to do and, oh yeah, we had pretty good cellular signal so we could catch up on news, and some YouTube channels we like to follow. We felt so at home that we easily spent the entire morning in our cozy little camper, only leaving when we had to for checkout time of noon.

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