Saturday, September 10, 2022

The perfect morning

We go to bed early when we're camping, so I was awake at 6:30am. I stared out the windows at the pristine woods that surrounded our rv and watched as darkness turned to speckled light from the rising sun. I'm looking, futilely, for bear. We had no cell signal or wifi, so I couldn't check email or Facebook. I was tempted to pick up my phone to read my kindle book that was downloaded, but I chose the path less taken and just laid quietly with my thoughts, comparing the dappled sunlight to the ideas and topics that flitted through my brain. One of those thoughts was how grateful I am to have Jim. He does double duty. First, he enables me too do these things. He is good at things I'm not, like vehicle maintenance and driving long distances. Second, and miss important he is my partner in sharing these wondrous experiences with me. We enjoy so many of the same things, liked living in a small vehicle! So, as he stopped, I rolled over to give him a morning hug and kiss and mostly a great big smile. I'm a happy girl.
We get up, stow our sleeping bags, and get dressed. The campground we're in, Peaks of otter, has a companion Lodge with a restaurant where we planned to get breakfast. It's a little over a mile walk, a lovely walk, thru the woods and around a lake. The lodge served a delicious breakfast, had a picture perfect view, and good wifi! We were able to check out email and download offline maps for the rest of the trip.

Walking the mile back to our camper, my apple watch and Jim's oura ring proudly informed us that we'd reached out exercise goals for the day.

Fully rested and relaxed, good exercise and filled with beauty. 

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