Saturday, January 01, 2005

Apache Trail

We happened to trade emails with Bob from Enchanted Valley Ranches - when he heard we were in Apache Junction he wrote, "Have you ever taken Apache Trail to Roosevelt Dam?? Nice drive." From that innocent beginning came a very memorable New Year's Day. Thanx Bob! We thought we were taking a 30-40 mile drive to see a dam. Little did we know we were taking a road described as "a narrow dirt road for much of the way, clinging precariously to the sides of the cliffs of the Superstition Mountains. The trip is truly not for anyone with a weak heart or who really hates heights." According to Theodore Roosevelt:
"The Apache Trail combines the grandeur of the Alps, the glory of the Rockies, the magnificence of the Grand Canyon and then adds an indefinable something that none of the others have. To me, it is the most beautiful panorama nature has created."
What a great way to start 2005. We didn't get a good picture of the dam, but, how about this bridge?!? The Roosevelt bridge. And then ... just around the corner is Tonto National Monument. There's cliff dwellings here!

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