Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year

Our goal for New Year's Eve was to find an RV park with a spa. We found Carefree Manor, it has a spa AND it's a Passport America park. What we didn't bargain for is the beautiful 'Superstition Mountains' that are nearby. You can see them in the background: The 'Lost Dutchman State Park' is very close and has some really nice hiking trails. Correction to last weblog post: as the commenter correctly pointed out - adding leaf springs will not change our Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. We will not magically be underweight. But, it does 'beef up' the rear end and, as a practical matter, make it much safer to carry the weight we do. If this issue is important to you, I highly recommend participating on the "Open Roads Forum". This is a large group of RVers with questions - and answers - on everything to do with the RV lifestyle.

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