Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Chris the Magic Techie

Jim has a cold ... poor baby. So I did his 'rounds' for him yesterday. I figured it wasn't good for him or the other people for him to be going out to their homes and sitting at their computers. I visited 3 folks with Wi-Fi problems yesterday afternoon and I had fun! I was a little apprehensive, cuz Jim is much better at this techie stuff than I am, but the moment I walked in the door - each of them said, "Well, what do you you know, it's working great right now!" Hah! Just like when you go to the doctor and it doesn't hurt any more, or take your car to the mechanic and it won't make the noise. It's magic! They still had lots of questions and I could answer 90% of them - pretty cool. One guy was quite distressed tho when I told him that his cordless phone was on the same frequency as the Wi-Fi (2.4 gigaherz) and would cause problems when being used near the computer. It's true. Our new convection oven (which I still have to tell you about cuz it's SO Cool) is also 2.4 gigaherz and it knocks us offline whenever we use it! Another woman wanted to get her AOL software set up correctly to use with Wi-Fi. I had the sure-fire solution for her ... remove AOL! It stopped raining finally, and the sunshine here at Palm Creek is blinding. But it's COLD. 44 degrees out there.

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