Thursday, January 06, 2005

Wi-Fi Tip: Sending email with Outlook

Sending email is handled with a setting called the SMTP server. It used to be that any SMTP server on the Internet would send whatever mail was given to it. All that has changed with the proliferation of SPAM. Now, many ISP's (Internet Service Providers) don't even offer outgoing mail (SMTP) services because they don't want to be liable for spam. Those that do offer outgoing mail will ONLY deliver mail from users who are authenticated to their system. When you are at home and you are connected to your home ISP, your Outlook SMTP setting is also set to your ISP. You are authenticated to them because you are logged in to their service. They know who you are and they are happy to deliver your email. When you are on the road and using a Wi-Fi signal to connect to the Internet - your Outlook SMTP setting is still set to your home ISP, but since you're not connected thru your home ISP they don't know who you are and refuse to deliver email. There is an advanced setting in Outlook 'Accounts' under 'Outgoing Server' that can help ... find and check the box that says "My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication" and "Use same settings as my incoming mail server". This will solve the problem in many situations, but not all. If you're only away from home occasionally, using Webmail is the best way to go. You visit the website that your email provider offers and log into your mailbox. Since you're logged in there - it knows who you are and will happily deliver your email. If you really want to use Outlook (as I do) and the above setting doesn't help, you will need to talk to your email provider. If they don't have a solution, check out the service provided by I know one person who has used it, and say it worked great. AOL mail: even AOL now says you can receive and send your AOL mail with a third party email client like Outlook. Here's what they say about outgoing mail:
The outgoing e-mail server is an SMTP server. The SMTP server requires authentication, and you will have to select this feature at some point during the setup process. Using an authenticated SMTP server means that in order to send e-mail you must log in the SMTP server with a user name and password. The user name and password are the same as your AOL screen name and password. In addition, you need to change the outgoing mail (SMTP) port number to 587.


Anonymous said...

Another option is -

I have used it for several months now - less expensive and more features. Hope your find it useful.

Anonymous said...

AuthSMTP counts the SSL emails double for each one sent, which is a bit a shame. Of course you don't have to use tls (SSL) to authenticate but where is the security then? Plus they limit the number of email addresses you can send from. does not offer SSL and has no outbound antivirus scanner (!!)
I use SMTPAnywhere, which offers SSL, antivirus and no addresses limitation. I did not find a better service so far for the same range of price.

Anonymous said...

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