Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving in Quartzsite

Back 'home' with the whole 'family'. This is where we spent Christmas last year. Such a great place - room for 3 motorhomes to park, and a 'cabin' where we can all gather for meals etc. Pretty good parallel parking job, doncha think? And, we get to take our morning walk with Lynne and John, letting the dogs run free in the desert and even getting a little exercise ourselves hiking up the hill. Gee, maybe we should set up a geocache here?! Then, on Saturday, we even got our kayaks in the water!! Yep, kayaking the might Colorado River. Yeah - I know, it's pretty tame here. We put in at Blythe, about 90 miles north of the Mexico border. I understand the Colorado is barely a trickle by the time it gets there. It was great to get outside and paddle ... even if we didn't have to paddle very hard! To see a picture of me, you gotta go to Lynne's blog! This is the second time she's beat me to the post! So, tomorrow we get on a plane to Austin to work the Coach Connect booth at the ARVC convention. We're leaving the motorhome and the dog with Dick, Frankie, Lynne and John. I probably won't post in here till we get back next weekend. Hope you all had as wonderful a Thanksgiving weekend a we did!

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