Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hangin' Out

Jetlag from Fiji made the first week home a bit of a blur. It took us a full week to recover. Wide awake at 2 in the morning, and dead to the world at noon! It's a good thing we didn't have much going on! In fact, we don't really have anything going on until we're supposed to be at the FMCA convention in Charlotte, NC on August 14! So, here we are at Paradise Island. It's amazing that there are so many full sites. June in Florida. This park should be empty! We are still feeling the effects of hurricane Wilma last year. The local county parks, with RV sites, are closed to the public because they are housing people who lost their homes in the hurricane. And, there are still insurance adjusters and other hurricane related workers here. Jim is helping out in the office in exchange for free site rent. That, and the fact that we're not spending money on lots of gas to travel, means we get to live pretty cheap. That's a good thing. The bad thing is I'm getting 'homesick for the road'. I am using this 'fallow' time to catch up on some web-work on my list, and to learn as much about computer video editing as possible. I'm helping Mom edit some of her video, both underwater and of cool places like Bhutan. I'm also learning to use a new program I bought to make video tutorials on computer topics. My first test is an introduction to this weblog. Check it out with the links below. I know the photos get a little weird - I don't think it's meant to show that many photos that quickly. If you have any comments re: the pros and cons of the two versions below, I'd love to hear from you. Email me at chris@jimandchris.com. Weblog Intro : Windows Media View format. Weblog Intro : Flash swf format.

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