Friday, June 30, 2006

No more hole in the kayak.

We went kayak diving today. Oh Boy! Jim and me and Dick and Sue and uncle John. Uncle John is using my old kayak. I melted a hole in it a couple years ago (read the story) and didn't think it was repairable. I just left it with Dick while we were on the road and said, "if anyone thinks they can fix it, they can have it". John and Dick spent many hours and several types of patches, but they DID it! So, uncle John can go kayak diving with us now. The water temperature was wonderful. Probably 83, maybe 84. I could just wear my diveskin and was perfectly comfortable. Visibility wasn't great, but I've seen it worse. And, we certainly don't see the things we did in Fiji! But, it was kayak diving! My Favorite. And, one thing that Fort Lauderdale has that Fiji doesn't is my favorite fish .. the yellow-headed jawfish. Such an ugly name for a beautiful creature. I call it a spirit fish. It looks just like an angel to me. I could never get a good photo of one in the ocean ... they disappear very quickly into their holes. But, last weekend at Pennekamp park, I got a photo of one thru the glass of one of their aquariums. We did see one today. They're relatively rare, but, if you know where to look, I can almost always see at least one when we dive off Fort Lauderdale beach. We also saw lots of lobster today ... unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) it's not lobster season, so all we could do is look. We also saw a moray with a cleaning shrimp and a bunch of squid.

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