Friday, June 23, 2006

Oh Boy, Clean and shiny

Maintenance jobs around a motorhome are nothing compared to that of a house. As we drove by a house where someone was mowing the lawn the other day, Jim said, "Now that's something I really miss!" ... Not! Still there certainly are maintenance jobs to be done. And, waxing a vehicle this size is a bit of a daunting task. I think it's been a good year since we've done it. Last weekend the day started out a bit gray, so I figured it would not be too hot, and we got to work! Notice how it really does look shiny on the side where Jim is working. No, it's NOT because he does a better job! The back and front of the motorhome are fiberglass and the sides are airplane aluminum. The aluminum gets real shiny - the fiberglass just gets clean. Maybe we should try the Vertglass that George uses?! Ms. Tioga's fiberglass is looking awfully shiny! We're off to the Keys this weekend with Kayuba dive club. We'll be staying at Ocean Pointe Suites and diving with Rainbow Reef. Oh Boy! Should be fun.

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