Friday, June 16, 2006


Being in South Florida, you may think I'm referring to the temperature. After all, our air conditioner is running constantly just to keep the temperature under 90 in the coach. And, Jim was mighty sweaty when he had to replace some equipment on the roof. But, no .. I'm referring to the Miami Heat. The basketball team that's in the playoffs. Not only are they in the playoffs ... but, at the moment anyway, they're winning! Actually, they're tied 2-2, but since they started out 0-2, that sounds like winning to me! I haven't watched a basketball game since I was in high school, but, when our neighbors across the street said that we were invited to join them and watch the game with them and some other neighbors, we said, "sounds great!" And, Jim said, "Let me set up the projector and the big screen." Cool. In case you can't see it too well in the photo, that's a 5 foot screen with the basketball game being projected onto it. Home theatre, Campground Computer Style! I was also more interested in basketball today because I attended my Women's Executive Club luncheon and we had Katie Meier as our speaker. She's the coach of the woman's basketball team at University of Miami and she was a fabulous speaker. I wish I was young and tall, so I could be on her team! She sums up her philosophy of life, sports and leadership with the acronym DRIVE. D=Discipline, R=Respect, I=Intensity, V=Vision, E=Enthusiasm. I'm afraid, when I think of 'drive', all that applies to me is, "Where to?"

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